My life in a nutshell is I'm hyper, I procrastinate, and can be completely unfocused. I was picked on A LOT when I was younger and eventually, I began masking who I really was.

As an adult I struggled with jobs, relationships, and money. I'd get bored, annoyed, and quit. Then, when I turned 32, I was diagnosed with ADHD. BOOM... life as I knew it exploded and everything in my life made sense.

I found coaching which helped me talk about how I feel, how to achieve my goals, and how to be myself. I decided to earn my coaching certification in early 2019, and in 2020 created Abstract Life Coaching to help more people like me. I then expanded that and became a certified organizer in 2021.

Coaching is rewarding if you put in the work, and I look forward to supporting and encouraging you to be the best you, for you!

About Me